Inspiration Images

 Below are some of the images photographed from my visual diaries and table/wall displays that have influenced my up and coming Winter and Summer collections, enjoy them! Maybe you will find some inspiration here for an up and coming project that you have.

The collections are for my brand – Thousand Mile Road – kids by nature. I design and make childrens’ clothing from natural fabrics, organic where possible and upcycled where something a little different is required. I will be using mostly 100% organic cotton jersey fabrics and 100% merino jersey fabrics until I am able to expand into using other types of organic cotton and merino and other natural fabrics like hemp and silk etc. I hope to be able to experiment with dyes and prints for the up and coming ranges so you can look forward to something really unique with a design edge.

You can see the obvious Japanese influence. I love all things Japanese, especially their textile printing techniques and the artworks of Hokusai. You will find my collections influenced strongly by my interest in Japanese culture. I have not yet found names for the collections but I intend to blend images and shapes of our unique New Zealand flora and fauna with a Japanese twist, influenced by elvish warrior tendencies. The excitement is building as I talk about it!

I now have two ranges in my collection, one for boys and one for girls. They will continue to be the best kept secret until I am further along with my sample making. In the meantime I will be trucking on choosing coloursand patterndrafting as fast as I can (NOT very fast). Due to time constraints and the fact that I am the only person in my business at the moment, I have decided not to design prints for my garments this time around. I am looking forward to the next collection where there will be prints in addition to clever design to tempt you!


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