The vision for Thousand Mile Road is to create a unique, global, sustainable and stylish brand for children growing up green. I use high quality sustainable natural, organic or upcycled elements; eco-friendly processes and fair trade practises.
I am currently making 100% merino and 100% organic cotton garments for children aged one to eight years old.
Merino is a fantastic renewable natural fibre sourced from the some of the hardiest alpine sheep in the world. Merino is a superfine wool that is so soft it can be worn right next to the skin with no irritation whatsoever. 

New Zealand Merino is the perfect fibre for all climates. We reckon it is the best in the whole world!


New Zealand Merino is:

  • Warm without being bulky, it is warm even when damp or wet (think playcentre or hiking!)

  • Silky soft and can be worn right next to the skin – NO PRICKLES OR ITCHES!

  • Flame resistant, does NOT burn readily – that’s perfect!

  • Renewable, sustainable and biodegradable! – great for our planet!

  • Breathable and does not sweat! Good news for sports and active people.

  • Resistant to unpleasant odours and even stains! Yay!

  • Perfect for babies, children and adults alike.

  • Regulates your body’s temperature being blissfully cool in summer and toasty warm in winter.

  • Totally machine washable, busy mum friendly! Yippee!

  • Long lasting – Washed in COLD water (warm or hot will shrink it!) your merino garment will last through many winters handed on to many children – some of mine are onto the third child with no signs of wear or pilling and the colour is still true to original.

  • Quick drying – no need for a dryer (drying will shrink it! Not to mention using more precious power!)

  • From sheep that lead the good life, free from cruelty and muelsing, free ranging through the highlands of New Zealand mountain ranges, happy sheep make great merino wool!

All my items are made using eco-friendly processes, sustainable materials and fair trade practises.

The 100% organic cotton I use is sourced from Turkey, we don’t grow it here in New Zealand. Not yet anyway! I want to try my hand at growing it one day!

The organic cotton is imported in bales, spun into yarn and made into fabric right here in New Zealand. I am currently using the scour fabric (undyed and unprinted, creamy coloured fabric) to make singlets.


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